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Emotional Eating Energy Healing is a holistic practice that involves activating the body’s energy systems to remove blocks and to

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What type of binge eater are you? Binge eating disorder (BED) is the most common eating disorder among adults but

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Stop Binge and emotional eating in less than 3 months

Hi my name is Stel and I’m the #1 authority in helping career women overcome binge and over eating using my signature Binge free blueprint.

My mission is to inspire women all over the globe to remove the guilt and obsession they have around food and how their bodies look.

I have a vision of a future where women and young girls are no longer ashamed of their bodies.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked down on an empty box of cookies, bag of chips and (or both) feeling disgusted with myself, I would ask myself “what have I done? I will never have control over food”!! 
It took me years to pluck up the courage to reach out and get help. Years of anguish, tears and beating myself up, after an emotional eating zombie episode! ⁣⁣
One day when I hit rock bottom, I decided to reach out to a coach and I showed up for our appointment, I showed up for myself! ⁣⁣That one moment of bravery set my recovery in motion and I will forever be grateful for myself for being brave and taking that first step! ⁣⁣

I remember that day as clear as if it was yesterday.  

Three years ago, on a Thursday night.  

I’ve just finished almost everything in my pantry after bingeing on doughnuts,  drive-through food, and emptied my pantry.  

I was in tears. In fact, I was ugly crying on the floor, hugging my dog, and just wishing that I could be free of the hold food had on me.   

I’ve been to many professionals and according to the statistical diagnostics there was no diagnosis for what I had, so for over 13 years, I struggled with a disordered relationship with food resulting in two eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and emotional eating.  

There was no one out there to help me.  I felt like a failure, I had a successful career, supporting friends, and a loving husband but I could not get a grip on my binge eating.   

On this Thursday, I cried, as if my best friend has just died.  

I felt helpless. I felt ashamed. I felt out of control.   

And it was at that moment where I knew that I needed to help myself heal.  

I started researching for ways that could work, I found information on rewiring your brain,   

 I applied with so many appointments but I didn’t show up I was too scared, eventually, I found a coach who specialised in eating disorder recovery.   

 I learnt how to heal my relationship with food through rewiring my brain; I learnt how to become mindful of my emotions, and finally, I built new habits that no longer had me shackled to food or calories.   

3 months into my recovery, I realised I no longer reached for food when having a bad day,  I could have some chocolate without finishing the entire block and at that moment, I knew I needed to help others out there struggling like me.   

No one should ever have to have that kind of relationship with food, no one should suffer in shame or guilt for what their bodies look like. Unfortunately, society (a.k.a the diet industry) tells us we need to look a certain way to be “acceptable”, we need to judge ourselves and others for our food choices and we need to starve our bodies to get there.   

As human beings, it’s not what life is about, we deserve to accept ourselves and others without feeling ashamed about our bodies.   

That is why I do what I do. And that is why I’m now the number one authority in helping women stop binge and emotional eating.   

It takes courage to make a change but once you take the first step so many opportunities unfold! ⁣⁣
If this resonates with you, I urge you to reach out, if not to me then someone who will hold you in the highest version of yourself! ⁣⁣
I’m opening up my complimentary Food Freedom Planning sessions to 5 women who are ready to take that first step! If you are feeling stuck and sick of staring into the empty box of pastries, ready to take a leap of faith and try something different, then this is your sign from the universe! If this is calling your name, then apply here

But don’t just take it from me, hear what others have to say.

Stel’s program provides a multitude of options and suggestions for ways to help develop a healthy relationship with food. Guidance and videos assist in the process and make it so that you can replay aspects that you feel may need more work.

Jennifer, wildlife Biologist – USA

This challenge is opening me up to new discoveries about myself. I’m more in touch with my needs, more thoughtful about my actions, and more equipped with the skills/habits that encourage healthy living.

Jamie, Germany

Estelle is an amazing, supportive and honest coach. She has helped me take control back with regards to emotional eating. With her guidance and support, I was able to realise that I can trust myself around food and make healthy choices.

Wilma Woods, Uk

Working with Estelle has been a breath of fresh air. She is different then any other counselor, health coach or therapist I’ve worked with in the past. She has taught me great techniques for managing anxiety. She provides many tools and resources that are always available at your fingertips. I look forward to our sessions every week because it is a judgment free, comforting space.Renee K, USA

Estelle has changed my life in more ways than one. From the binge eating, the always thinking of food. Estelle has given me the how to and the support to overcome all this. But also has helped me in my everyday life in organising and achieving the things I want to do. Also I have found out a lot about myself in the process. I thoroughly recommend Estelle in your journey towards food freedom. Jules, QLD, Australia

Estelle showed me that any problem has a way around it. Anonymous, Derbyshire, England

Estelle provided me with plenty of resources, along with additional ones to help me, depending on where I was at during the coaching. Anonymous, Melbourne, Australia

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Ready to get started?

I’ve been in your shoes and helped hundreds of women who were stuck in the same place.

I learned that it’s not the giant leaps, but the small steps every day that make a difference.

Once you know the right steps to take and once you learn how to give yourself permission to stop fighting with self-control, willpower, and exhausting effort, take the easier path that fits you and your life.

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If you’re ready to transform your life for the best version of you and find food freedom, apply for your free Food Freedom Planning session with me so we can come up with a clear plan to get you to trust yourself around food again.

In this planning session we :

  • Assess where you are triggered the most when it comes to eating!
  • Learn 3 tips or tweaks to manage your cravings!
  • Discover one way to beat the binge for good!

If you are ready to finally take that leap of faith in healing your relationship with food, please apply here