3 Ways to set realistic weight loss goals

22 Dec, 2017 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

3 Ways to set realistic weight loss goals

The festive season has seen us through many late nights of working to get things done and not to mention all the social gatherings that have created careless and mindless eating after too many wines. Something has to change, your clothes are feeling tight and you are sure that your love handles have grown love handles. Where to go from here?

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Beat festive weight gain with setting achievable goals

The best starting point is to get a goal, a tangible result that you can achieve and that will make you feel more comfortable in your clothes and ready to take on new challenges.

  1. Think short term 

The most important thing to remember when setting your goal is that it should be achievable. Breaking your goal into smaller milestones that you can achieve will keep you focused and motivated. Instead of looking at the end goal or figure that you would like to see on the scale, set smaller bit sized goals that you know you can achieve. Not only will you see greater results but it will keep you going

2. Pick a nutrition strategy that you can maintain 

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Pick a nutrition strategy that will work for you

If you start off with the latest lemon juice cleanse and you try to maintain that for the duration of the cleanse you are bound to become too hungry and temptation will be to be to great. Instead ask yourself “Can I maintain this way of eating for life?” If the answer is “no” then you need to find something that is more realistic and easy to follow and not too restrictive. The internet is full of ideas on eating whole foods where you don’t have to exclude any food groups from your diet. You will also find many healthy recipes on my blog

3. Make sure to track your progress 

Weight loss goals, How to lose weight

Track your progress and stay motivated

Track your progress weekly and here I don’t mean the number on the scale, take a weekly selfie or measure your hip circumference, you can even try on some of your old jeans that used to fit before maybe you even have some new fitness gains. It’s important to keep celebrating your successes no matter how small. 

If you are serious about losing weight this year and you would like some extra motivation and a step by step guide on setting your weight loss goals, then join me in my Crush your health goals challenge starting early January. We will give you plenty of tips and strategies and we will help you stay accountable so you can crush your goals. Sign up here


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