5 Easy tips for a guilt free Easter

14 Apr, 2019 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

5 Easy tips for a guilt free Easter

Enjoy Easter without food guilt

Easter is approaching and with all the excitement comes a lot of treats such as hot cross buns, Easter lunches and easter eggs. Eventhough these treats can be fun, overindulging can often leave us feeling uncomfortable,bloated, cravings and also just feelings of guilt and sometimes shame.

I would rather enjoy Easter and make it about fun, family and taking time off instead of feelings of guilt and regrets. Guilt and regret form overindulging or binging on Easter treat overshadows the amazing time spent connecting with family and friends and that’s the main point of the Easter break.

My clients often struggle over festive seasons and I usually help them make little changes so that they can enjoy their holidays! Here are my five tips to help you enjoy Easter without the guilt, unnecessary weight gain or Easter binges.

1. Start your day the right way

Drink a large glass of water when waking up and eat a healthy breakfast packed with protein. High protein breakfasts will give you energy and keep your insulin levels stable reducing cravings. A nourishing big breakfast will help keep you full and it will also help you make better decisions when you are not coming from a place of hunger and cravings.

2. Indulge mindfully

Don’t deny yourself a hot cross bun or chocolates, make sure that you enjoy your treats mindfully and savoring every bite.  This will help you feel less deprived an keep binges at bay. We often end up overeating when you feel deprived and we feel like we “shouldn’t” have certain foods.

3. Keep active.

Keeping active releases endorphins, say bye to cravings!

Make this time fun, spend time in nature, go on Easter egg hunts with the children, play games like finding the Easter Bunny enjoy the fresh air. The activity will keep you energized and all distract you from all the food. Exercise releases endorphins which will improve your mood and reduce cravings!

4. Freeze excess chocolate.

IF you find yourself inundated with chocolates put them in the freezer and then you can ration them out throughout the weeks after Easter. You can use them in recipes like using it as chocolate chips or melting it down to make chocolate sauce.

5. Keep healthy snacks on standby

Keep healthy options available making nice platters with fresh vegetable sticks and a homemade dip. Make sure you have loads of snacks ready to go so you don’t find yourself hungry (tip: why not try and revamp your favorite Easter recipe using healthier ingredients.

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