Staring down an empty box of cookies wondering “how did I get here?”

2 Jun, 2019 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Staring down an empty box of cookies wondering “how did I get here?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked down on an empty box of cookie, bag of chips and (or both) feeling disgusted with myself, I would ask myself “what have I done? I will never have control over food”!! This was usually during a strict diet, one of my latest Cleanses or recovering from a half marathon or marathon run.

In my previous blog post we uncovered why we binge. Binges are caused by urges and urges are caused by calorie restrictions, emotional reasons and habits.

If binges are caused by calorie restrictions or over exercising, let’s delve deeper into why we diet in the first place?

We consider a diet when we want to change our bodies, something has triggered us to feel unhappy with the way we look or feel.

The reason why we are unhappy with the way we look or feel is, we are constantly surrounded by messages that we have to look a certain way in magazines, the media and social media. We are constantly reminded that if we have a perfect body then we will be happy. This can also be amplified by someone making a comment about our body somewhere along the line.

But why do we pay attention to these messages in the first place? What triggers this unhappiness in our own skin?

One of my clients came to me to lose weight and double her energy. At 6 weeks of working with her she has reached her goal weight, she was healthy, her skin was glowing but she was still not happy with her body. In one of our sessions we uncovered that her uncle repeatedly told her she was the big girl in the family. Therefore, no matter what diet she was on or how thin she got she never felt good enough. These were the reasons why she’s never accepted her body and kept dieting. Once we were able to work through the reason for her unhappiness and we worked on her self-esteem she was able to feel comfortable in her own skin and in control of food, she never needed another diet to this day!

If you find yourself staring at the bottom of a chip bag, box of cookies, block of chocolate or all of the above, asking yourself how you got here, not remembering how you got through all that food in the first place and you want to get control of your relationship with food, you need to get rid of your old belief that your diet is the answer. Dieting is most likely the cause of your binges, therefore you might just be adding more fuel to the fire!

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