A Binge Eating recovery story!!

5 Feb, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | 2 Comments

A Binge Eating recovery story!!

Beautiful words from one of my Food Freedom Program clients, Hannelie! She’s a wife and mom and works in the IT sector as a project manager, she loves nature and is a fashionista at heart!!

Hannelie always felt out of control when it came to food. She would let food take over and then feel guilty after a binge. Her relationship with food and binge eating was affecting her health, weight and self confidence!!

Watch her full story below

Food No longer control’s me, I control food!!

She would swing between starving herself to overindulging which always ended in guilt!! She didn’t want to miss out on her son growing up so she reached out to me and joined the food freedom program!!

The biggest a-ha moment for her was that she was in control of food and that is true food freedom!!

Hannelie highly recommends the Food Freedom Program as it touches on all aspects of your being, psychology, physical state and spiritual state. It allows you to see food in a different light!!

 If you would like help to come up with a plan to get out of food zombie mode, apply for my complimentary food freedom planning session, apply here

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