How Binge Eating works

26 Feb, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | 5 Comments

How Binge Eating works

How binge eating disorder works


I was stuck in binge eating hell for years!!

I would never admit it though, I always maintained that I had a problem with food, “I just need to find the right diet”, “Quitting sugar will sort out my cravings for good”

I was SHOCKED to finally learn that I was actually stuck in the binge-guilt cycle.

Here’s how the cycle works have you been at any one of these stages this week?

Whats keeping you stuck in binge eating hell

Feeling unhappy with my body or myself
Here are the thoughts I often had “I’d be happier with myself if I could just lose 5kg”
“I hate my hips, they are so repulsive”
I wish I were so that I can control myself around food
“There’s something wrong with me.”

“This new cleanse is going to change my life”
“Paleo must be the answer, carbs are the enemy”
“I’m going to the gym for 2 hours today, this will surely shift the number on the scale”
“I’m going for a second run today to burn off that glass of wine I had last night”

The dreaded Binge
Face plant into a bag of chips, “I will be good again tomorrow”
“I already fucked up today, might as well make the most of it, let’s get a tub of ice cream and a bag of sweets”
“I deserve a treat, it’s been such a long day”

“How are you ever going to be a successful health coach if you can’t even control yourself around food”
“Why can’t I stop eating, what’s wrong with me”
“Why do I keep damaging my body like this”
“I will never get the clients I want because I can’t even get my shit together when it comes to food”
“I don’t deserve to be happy because I don’t even want to lose weight”
“Maybe I should take some laxatives to make up for this”
“I will have the packets so that no one will see what I have done”
I better go for an additional 5km run to make up for this tomorrow
“I just can’t control myself around food”
“I told you we weren’t good enough!!”
“You don’t want to be happy because you keep eating”

Binge or emotional eating is triggered by 3 main factors.
* Hunger
* Emotions
* Habit

You can get off the binge-guilt cycle like I did, you just need to understand your triggers.

If you resonate with this, I would love to support you & give you some advice one how you are feeling right now, Apply for a complimentary food freedom session here

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