How to stop overeating while Social Distancing

25 Mar, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | 2 Comments

How to stop overeating while Social Distancing

Managing Eating at Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Up until this week you used to dread coming home because that was when you binged!! 

Now that we’re kind of forced to stay at home, the pantry is probably calling you now more than ever!!

Here are my top tips on how to keep binge eating at bay, while we set into this #coronaviruschallenge

1. Set up a your work space away from the kitchen
Working in close proximity to the fridge and pantry will visually attract your attention to food. Not only will this help you focus on work but it takes your mind off the fact that food is so easily available. 

2. Move more  
Set a timer for 45 min to get a set amount of work done when the timer goes off, get up and move your body for 15 minutes. Quick stretch session,15 min HIIT, a quick walk outside or a couple of jumping jacks  making a cup of tea.  Movement is so great for your spine and it allows your body and mind to take a break. Regular breaks paired with movement calm the nervous system, meaning we will have less cravings!!! 

3. Make sure your lunch and snacks are prepped the night before
Often when we do not have a plan for what to eat, our mind starts imagining all the things you are trying not to have. it’s almost like your inner food zombie tells you “you don’t have anything planned, it will be easier to have that pastry than make a salad” 

4. Eat mindfully 
When it comes to meals and snacks, step away from your desk and laptop and focus on eating, take deep breaths in between bites and really concentrate on your meal. This will help your body realise that she has had a meal and you are less likely to feel “snacky” 15  min later 

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5. Cultivate compassion. 
If you do end up self sabotaging this week, just realise that these are not normal times we are living in right now, nothing feels safe so our fight or fight response is triggered. “Give me sugar so that I can run away from this threat” is what your body is yelling at you constantly, it’s only natural that we might give into our cravings more often. Comfort eating is normal, especially if we are threatened with the unknown. My post binge journal prompts will help you understand how you were feeling before you binged and that will help you uncover the real trigger of your binge You can download a free copy here

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2 Comments & Reviews

  • runningdisneytravel

    Great ideas! I know we keep baking, which isn’t helping the stop over eating situation. Lol. Meal prep helps!

    • wholesomelifestyleproject

      Lol, baking can be fun and the novelty will wear off🤣

      Meal prep is even more important now, for me and my clients especially! Keep it up!!✋

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