The perfect plate for binge eaters

23 Apr, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | 2 Comments

The perfect plate for binge eaters

“Tomorrow I’m only eating clean foods to make up for today”

is something I used to promise myself almost every night!!

*100-200 calorie meal replacement shake for breakfast
*Berries and nuts as a snack
*Salad for lunch
*Run 10km

Did it ever work? NO…..

Was I happy with my body? NO….

My strategy was flawed, my body was starving during the day and overfull at night with binge food and guilt

My old way of following the “Balanced 80/20” rule was clearly not doing me any favours either!!

How to balance your plate for binge eating recovery

I have invited a new form of balance into my life, one that is more sustainable!!

I started following the Food Freedom Way!!

Here Are the steps below on how to get out of those old limiting mindsets and into the Food Freedom Philosophy

Portion control for Binge eating

1.Choose foods that energise and nourish your body
2 Choose foods that energise and nourish your soul
3.Choose activities that nourish your body and soul
4.Observe your hunger and emotions
5.Enjoy mindfully without judgement

I’m curious, where are you at in your journey to food freedom

  1. I don’t think I will ever heal my relationship with food
  2. Working towards it- In progress
  3. Living it- Food Zombie is a distant memory!!!

Let me know below 👇

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