How not to blow your diet on the weekend

30 Apr, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | 2 Comments

How not to blow your diet on the weekend

How not to blow your diet on the weekend

“I’m so good during the week, but then I blow my whole diet on the weekend.” says Wagon Wanda

Just the words “so good” already means you are setting yourself up for failure the next time you are in the sweet isle over the weekend.

Do you blow your diet on the weekend?

You are not “good” or “bad” for eating food. You simply eat to stay alive.

The sooner we take food of pedestals and let go of the food rules the sooner we are able to let that perfectionist mind go.

Trying to be perfect on your food plan is what’s driving you to a blow out on the weekend. It’s called the “FUCK IT” effect.

You know that moment when you have spent all week wrestling with your perfectionist mind, you are tired and feeling deprived, THEN that box of doughnuts just happen to appear and that’s all you can think about. You resist at first but then you decide to just have half a one “It’s the weekend after all, fuck it, I deserve a treat” before you know it, you have single handedly finished the whole box.

It had been drummed into us that we need to follow the 80/20 rule ,
80% white knuckling through urges and cravings on our restrictive cucumber soup diet
20% “carb day” which naturally leads to a blow out.

If this has been your strategy and you still find yourself falling off the wagon on the weekends, it’s time for a different approach.

Bringing balance into everyday will not only help manage your cravings but you are less likely to binge.

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  • MyTheElizabeth

    Definitely needed to read this after this weekend of ‘snacking and grazing’ a little too much. Thanks for sharing.

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