4 Simple steps to stop emotional eating

25 May, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | One Comment

4 Simple steps to stop emotional eating

13 Years ago my life looked very different to what it looks like now!!

13 Years ago

I found myself overweight, overworked and living off of cigarettes and coffee which led to binge eating. I took the first step to change, but quickly found myself in a place where my pursuit of being healthy became unhealthy.

The more obsessed I got with losing weight the more obsessed I got with keeping it off. This restriction in my eating FUELED my binge eating. I would find myself running to make up for my binges and food cravings.

I had the privileged of being interviewed by Crystal Halverson,

who is the creator of the Operation Transform Podcast and she coaches Moms to end the fight with food, cravings & the diet/binge cycle with no weight loss products.✨

We talk about how I got here and why my mission is so strong, I also share my signature stop method in this episode!! It’s such a great listen, Crystal is such a spirited host. 

Listen to the whole podcast

Listen in as I share how I found comfort in food and how emotion is directly tied to eating and the importance behind why we can’t avoid it! I even share my signature method that she coaches her clients to help stop emotional eating!! 


Website: https://operationtransformationformula.com

Facebook:  http://bit.ly/crystalhalversonbizpage

Instagram:  @crystal4.halverson. https://www.instagram.com/crystal4.halverson/

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