I have come up with an easy way to remember them using the acronym Zombie (unicorn Emoji)

Obsessive food thoughts are what drive you to binge in the first place, for some people this starts in the morning and that’s all you can think about the rest of the day!! In order to make sure that we change this, we need to start our mornings the right way. Mindfully add the thoughts you want to think, eat an energising breakfast and make sure you don’t go hungry through the day will start quietening down our mind

We have been so busy processing life during the day that we do not have time to process emotions. In the evening our bodies want to decompress!! If you don’t give yourself time to decompress when you get home, you will comfort in that bag of chips quicker than your logical brain can tell you to stop. ⁣

Take the anxiety out of a meal by becoming more neutral around food, let go of perfectionism and turn to gratitude that you have a meal. Managing your general anxiety levels will also help with anxiety around food

Self-sabotage stems from not making yourself a priority, start saying no to commitments that do not serve you. Be clear on your why, if we honour our why, we are more likely to stick to choices that align with our values and goals

Make peace with food by letting go of all the food rules put together by the diet industry, start following your intuition on what serves your body well from a food perspective. Unfollow accounts that promote body shame, we are very often triggered by visuals of those before and after pics

Enjoy your food mindfully, honour your fullness and make sure to indulge every now and again so you don’t feel deprived!!

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 The ‘Quit binge eating FOR GOOD’ guide I’ll Show You:

  • The top 3 reasons why you binge, this simple understanding will help you take back control around food.
  • How to recognise your  binge triggers, so that you can take action and brake the hold food has on you 
  • How To FINALLY Overcome Binge Eating (most of which is easy to do when you understand your triggers).

3 thoughts on “6 easy steps to overcome overeating ….

  1. All of these I’ve struggled with but my biggest problem is the anxiety around food. I have trouble with perfection and creating food barriers surrounding “trigger foods”. My mind always races around food and whether or not I’m eating well enough or just giving up and bingeing. It really is exhausting.

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