How to make Peace with food

30 Jun, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | One Comment

How to make Peace with food

How often do you think about food?

If you’re like most women, thoughts of food occupy more than the 2-3 hours that experts consider healthy. You might find yourself haunted by the candy dish at work or the dessert that you consider unhealthy. Or you might be experiencing guilt and shame about the chips you ate because you caved after not eating them for a month.

There is another way!

Making Peace with Food will help cravings, preoccupation and binges become a thing of the past.

Join me and my lifelong friend and bestie, Carla Caswell, as we talk about how you can make peace with food.

Carla Caswell is a burnout coach based in the U.K. She helps ambitious corporate women create more balance
in their lives so that they can exceed their greatest ambitions.
Carla believes that a holistic approach to stress-management and burnout-prevention is key to managing the
pressures of modern living and the ability to achieve career / business success.
That is why she works with her clients to master their mindset, nutritional habits and exercise routines in order
to create an overall healthier lifestyle as well as providing them with practical outlets to managing their stress
To find out more about her story, you can visit her website here:

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