4 Ways Spirituality Can Help and Hinder disordered eating

3 Jul, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

4 Ways Spirituality Can Help and Hinder disordered eating

Spirituality is the sense of connection to something bigger than self. When we trust in a higher power, there is less need to control every part of life and the people around us. When we constantly try and control things, we become anxious and obsessed over it especially if what we are trying to control is food.

Before my binge eating recovery, I used to think food was the enemy, I would restrict calories or macro’s, cut out certain food groups, exercise to make sure I was in a calorie deficit. The more I tried to control food and calories, the more obsessed I became and I lost my connection to self and others.

Science shows that those who have an enriching spiritual life are happier and enjoy a greater sense of connection to others. But where to start? Spirituality does not have to mean that you have to take a 6 month long retreat in the Himalayas, it starts with doing little tings daily that allow you to straighten that deeper connection.

Here are some quick ways bring yourself back in alignment with self and and the universe

1. Start a gratitude journal
What we focus on is what will manifest in our lives, If we focus on the negative (“I’m fat”, “I can’t control myself around food”) we will attract more negative. However, if we focus on gratitude, we immediately lift our vibration to joy and love, subsequently we will feel more love and joy and cravings will slowly disappear

2. Laugh often
When you laugh you immediately relax the whole body and you shift into a high vibe frequency and with that you release endorphins that promote an overall sense of well-being. When we feel good, we focus on what matters not how many calories were in our latast binge.

3. Learn to love yourself
Self love and self compassion is the foundation of binge eating recovery. It does not mean you have to love yourself all the time but accepting that you are human and honoring your human experiences (even a binge)

4. Daily meditation
Meditation opens the door to a greater connection with the divine. Meditation was a pivotal tool in my binge eating recovery journey. It allowed me to find my thought and emotions about my body and life. It helped me become more mindful when I was eating and it guided me in identifying my causes of binges which enabled me to stop the urges.

Meditation for Binge eating

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