I no longer think about food all the time

24 Aug, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | One Comment

I no longer think about food all the time

This is an insiders view of working with me on healing your relationship with food

Mary-ann is the founder of MIA collective soul coaching , she’s a mom and wife to a beautiful teenage daugter.

She needed to get her relationship with food right when she dicided to work with me. She was scared of food and would think about food all the time and this caused her to feel anxious about food all the time.She tried every diet and exercised herself into oblivion.

She would feel guilty for at least 24 hours after indulging on a Friday night.

“My biggest a-ha was that I was frightened of food” this added to her anxiety levels. this affected her daily choices.

“If food is on your mind, you need to work with Estelle, understanding what was going on in my mind was key”

She still uses my signature STOP method even after working with me.

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