Emotional eating: Dealing with Self-Sabotage

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Emotional eating: Dealing with Self-Sabotage

Overeating and Self-sabotage

Emotional eating can be so disheartening ,
One moment you feel like you’ve got this, the next moment you are face planting into a box of doughnuts like your body has been possessed by a zombie, your brain has shut down and you cannot stop yourself from eating,
To make things worse, you feel deep guilt and shame; you say the most unthinkable things to yourself, but you just can’t stop!!
I have been there hun, there is nothing worse than feeling so out of control.

Self-sabotage stems from not making yourself a priority, start saying no to commitments that do not serve you. Be clear on your why, if we honour our why, we are more likely to stick to choices that align with our values and goals

Following diets that are not suitable for your body type will most certainly create urges and cravings, which eventually. We sabotage because we don’t want to feel left out, don’t want to hurt others’ feelings or put everything before what we really want (a.k.a cleaning the house instead of going for that run you know will help you destress)

The reason we end up self-sabotaging


Set clear boundaries

Doing things that don’t make you happy just to please others indirectly shows your mind that you don’t value yourself and that you prioritise others above you. When it comes to deciding for yourself , you innately think that you don’t matter and that not following through on what you wanted to eat or your exercise plan is not really a big deal. You make choices which leads to self-sabotage.

Start setting clear boundaries in all areas of your life. How we do one thing is how we do everything. If you have poor boundaries around food, chances are you don’t have healthy boundaries in other areas of your life. Are you saying yes when you mean NO? Taking on too much and leaving no time for self-care? No wonder you are craving comfort food, you don’t feel heard. You deserve to be respected, especially by yourself.

Let go of perfectionism

Make a list of all the areas you are trying to be prefect in your relationship with food and notice how that perfectionism leads you to “Oh well, you have already had one, might as well finish them all so we can start again tomorrow”

There is no such thing as being perfect in eating, the more you relax the food rules you have created for yourself, the more you can enjoy your food, the less you feel guilt around food and feel less likely to self-sabotage.

Follow a sustainable eating plan

Are you following an unsustainable eating plan? How can you bring more balance into what you eat? Intuitive eating is a great tool to eat sustainably.  Let go of all the food rules put together by the diet industry, start following your intuition on what serves your body well from a food perspective.

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