Self-care tool for obsessive food thoughts

9 Nov, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | One Comment

Self-care tool for obsessive food thoughts

A Simple way to get over food obsession

When we have obsessive food thoughts,

We are constantly regretting what you ate in the past or

We are planning what to eat (or not to eat) to make up for what you ate.

This keeps us stuck in either the past (regret) or future (punishment) and this can trigger more overeating.

However, if we can become more present during the day, this will bring awareness to our bodies and cravings.

We can pick up on our emotional state meaning we can manage our reactions to emotions.

Food tastes a lot better and we are more likely to notice fullness.

Luckily we have a self-care tool right at our fingertips to help bring us back into the present moment …….


Self-care tool for obsessive food thoughts

Here’s how…….

*Find a relaxed, comfortable position. …
*Notice and relax your body. …
*Tune into your breath. …
*Inhale for 4 counts
*Hold for 5 counts
*Exhale for 6 counts

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