What makes you binge eat?

17 Nov, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | 3 Comments

What makes you binge eat?

A binge is caused buy an urge, an uncontrollable desire to eat, as much as possible and right away. Without the urge, there won’t be a binge.

Why you binge and what to to do about it

The hypothalamus, sometimes called the “lizard brain” or “animal brain” or “lower brain”. My clients have lovingly started referring to this brain as the food zombie!!

The hypothalamus controls hunger body temperature, thirst, fatigue, and sleep. This is the primal selfish part of the brain that wants you to over eat, it wants you to binge eat, because it’s main job is to keep you alive and it hates discipline!!

Your food zombie will rationalise, It will tell you things like: “oh well, you’ve eaten one cookie, you might as well buy more binge food” , “I just need to get over this day, a binge will make me feel better”, “Your day is already ruined, you may as well finish the Oreo sleeve so you won’t be tempted tomorrow”. “nuts are healthy, one more handful won’t hurt”. This is called an urge.

What causes an urge? There are 3 reasons why you start feeling urges to eat ….

What causes binge eating?
how to control urge to eat,  what causes constant urge to eat. where is the urge to eat found in the brain
How to control urge to eat

Read more on how to rewire your brain to stop binge eating and Join my monthly webinar on how to Manage Food Urges and Cravings so that you can finally take control back and feel comfortable in your own skin.

This webinar is for you if:
🦄You can’t seem to control overeating
🦄 You struggle with overbearing cravings
🦄You have tried every diet and nothing has worked
🦄You struggle with overbearing food thought
🦄You just want to be normal around foodWhat you will learn:
🦄Why you have cravings and urges? (It’s not why you think)
🦄Learn what causes cravings and urges and why you turn to food for everything
🦄Learn How to manage boredom eating, nighttime eating, weekend binges
🦄Learn how to stop the control food has over you
🦄 Learn 3 tips or tweaks to manage your cravings or urges to beat the binge for good!Book your spot: http://webinar.wholesomelifestyleproject.com

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