Ep 0 – Stel Coombe-Heath : What to expect

18 Nov, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Ep 0 – Stel Coombe-Heath : What to expect

Welcome to beyond overeating by wholesome lifestyle project, the overeating podcast,

Where I will be showing up weekly to share with you what I have learnt during my binge eating recovery, helpful tools such as yoga, mindfulness and energy medicine.

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My name is Stel Coombe-Heath I’m an overeating coach, Yoga teacher, energy healer, entrepreneur, wife and dog mom.

 I’m passionate about yoga,  the outdoors, holistic health, eating ice cream on a hot summers day and most importantly living a binge free life!!

My name is Stel and my purpose is to inform and educate so that you can fast track your recovery in healing your relationship with food and finally trust yourself around the peanut butter jar.

Beyond Overeating podcast for binge eating, emotional eating, compulsive eating

Join me as I share top tips, my struggles and triumphs to help inspire of just entertain.

I love real conversations so in this podcast I will be sharing the raw and Honest truth about finally getting control back of your eating.

Professional advice on all forms of overeating

(emotional eating, binge eating, stress eating etc),

 food addiction,yoga,energy balance,hormone health and body acceptance.

I struggled for over 13 years with a disordered relationship with food and back then, there was no one to help me.

I found myself Moving from a careless attitude towards health to an overly obsessive way of eating and exercising, emotional eating binge eating and orthorexia. 

 My mission is to provide you with the support I never had so that you don’t have to struggle like I did babe.

I will be bringing in guest to talk about recovery, health and wellbeing. Look out for my bite size binge tip minisodes and occasional whoo whoo shows.

I’m always open to hearing suggestions on topics you want to hear about, people who you want me to interview

You can find me on Instagram @wholesomelifestyleproject and send me a message.

My vision is to bring you quality information on overeating and recovery, there is a lot of false information out there and I would love to give you the guidance I never had before my recovery.

 In the future I will offer challenges, coaching and courses but I do feel that you need to be able to listen to professional advise for free so that you can get started in your recovery journey.

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