Ep 5 – Stel Coombe-Heath: How to recognise your binge eating triggers

9 Dec, 2020 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | One Comment

Ep 5 – Stel Coombe-Heath: How to recognise your binge eating triggers

What triggers binge eating disorder?

I’m gearing up for the launch of my brand-new Control overeating program and things are just heating up here.

A lot of little things to consider and it can be slightly overwhelming juggling a few balls in the air.

In the past, this feeling of excitement mixed with the pressures of getting everything done in time would have sent me running to the pantry.

I have learnt that being the type A personality that I am, wanting everything to go smoothly was often one of my triggers.

 Today,  I really wanted to share with you how you can recognise your own triggers  so that you can start managing your urges

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How to stop binge eating triggers
Binge eating quiz

In episode 3 I talked about what causes a binge in the first place so if you have not listened to that episode, make sure to catch that episode but let me summarise it quickly.

A binge is caused by an urge and the urge to binge is triggered by either hunger, emotion, or habit. Without the urge there is no binge.

So logically speaking if we can recognise our triggers, we can start taking back control back in terms of eating.

Now that we’re all caught up and you know what drives you to lose control around food, It’s time to face some of your old binges and ask yourself some really hard questions

This will not be easy, we usually want to avoid what happened but bear with me, this will help you recognize your triggers and see if your urge was driven by hunger, emotions or habit:

So, grab a journal or a pen and paper and let’s face your latest binge.Take three deep breaths, feeling nice and relaxed, let’s approach this with curiosity instead of judgement.

  • What happened right before the binge?
  • (How was I feeling? Hungry, emotional, tired? )
  • How was my day? (Relaxing/stressful/stuck at my desk all day?
  • Did I feel hungry at any point during the day?
  • What was the food zombie telling me before the binge?
  • What pattern with food keeps repeating itself?
How to manage your binge eating triggers
Don’t go hungry

The best way to avoid food zombie mode is to stop dieting and never go hungry! I know this can be scary and if diets are out of bounds, then what is the answer?

1.      Find foods that keep you energized and make you feel radiant.

2.      Eat mindfully and enjoy every bite.

3.      Don’t go hungry.

Recognise the food zombie

Recognise that the urge is driven by the food zombie, also realise that this part of your brain can’t control motor functions, which means it can’t make you walk to the pantry and binge

Choose control

In my Control overeating program, I help my clients gain control around food, I teach them how to rewire their brain and

Choose to ignore the urge!! Let the rational part of your brain say “No”!!!

You are in fact in control and it’s time to take your power back.

Celebrate your success no matter how small.

Even if you were only able to hold off from binge eating for an hour, it’s still progress and deserves to be acknowledged!!

When we celebrate a win, our reward centers in the brain draw attention to the win instead of the urge to eat!!

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Can’t wait to see you in the next episode where I will be sharing some drivers behind overeating

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