I am in control of my binges

25 Jan, 2021 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

I am in control of my binges

Find out how Sharon can now to stop a binge in progress

Sharon knows now how to stop binge eating

A casual chat with one of my clients Sharon K about her journey in working with me “I made promises to myself that I would not binge eat but I would then buy binge food and hide the packaging, I was ashamed of this. By working with Estelle I have learnt why I binge and she has provided me with tools to process what I’m going through”

  • Sharon shares her journey 0:00
  • What her life was like before working with me 0:54
  • Why she reached out to me for binge eating recovery help 1:55
  • How things evolved for her during binge eating recovery coaching 3:26
  • She now enjoys her food instead of inhaling it through a brain stomach connection 5:29
  • Positive changes she noticed in herself 6:10
  • She feels in control of her binges 7:47
  • Her advice on anyone wanting to work with Stel 8:22

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