Self-love to stop binge eating

15 Feb, 2021 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Self-love to stop binge eating

No self-control with food?

You are a smart, successful woman but you keep asking yourself, “why do I lose control around food?”

You are hard on yourself for binge eating.
& find yourself saying the worst things about your body.

Why so I lose control around food?

This was me for 13 years. The more I fought myself on my eating behaviours, the worse it got. This is why binge eating happens for so many career women.
The more you pick on yourself, the more you talk yourself down, the more you will find yourself face planting into a box of doughnuts.

Here are some ways on how to have self-control around food without going to war with yourself.

Scenario: binge eating when stressed
Prioritise “me time” it can be hard to stop and take some time for yourself, but this will help calm down the nervous system and in turn reduce your binge urges

Scenario: Binge eating late at night.
Find a way to decompress during the day. Make sure to move often, check in with your emotions and allow them to be there. This is the time to pull out your journal and just write out whatever is running through your mind.

Scenario: binge eating when alone
This is a common time to lean to food for company. Talking about your feelings is a simple act of self-love, call a friend and tell them you are needing some company.

Scenario: binge eating when depressed
Show yourself compassion for where you are right now. Feeling depressed can be a very strong and uncomfortable feeling, It will only make sense that you are looking for comfort. Ask yourself, “What do I need right now?” By focusing on what you need, you turn away from automatic binge eating behaviors.

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