Recovery for Kylie and how her life has been since.

Eating disorder recovery podcast

What is life like after recovering from your eating disorder? Kylie Nel shares her journey through the fitness industry, recovering from binge eating and finally becoming a business and money mentor.

Kylie Nel after binge eating recovery

“Instead of working through childhood wounds, I replaced the healing with going to the gym”

“I felt the stronger I look and the skinnier I am, the more of a prerogative I would be and I will be healed”

“In the background, this became an eating disorder that just became worse and worse”

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Binge Eating survivor Kylie Nel

Kylie is an intuitive business and money mentor, with a soul-lead mission to help female entrepreneurs activate their purpose to embody leadership and expand their mental, spiritual and wealth consciousness. Her modalities include angelic guidance, human design, quantum healing, and of course, sales, marketing and launching expertise. 

Here’s what we covered

I felt the stronger I look and the skinnier I am, the more of a prerogative I would be and I will be healed- Kylie Nel

Kylie’s journey to becoming a healer 2:28

How she started inspiring others on her fitness journey 5:12

When her eating disorder started 6:13

How her new relationship with food and body has led her to where she’s at now 16:39

How she found angelic guidance, human design, quantum healing? 20:37

She explains what human design and quantum healing entails 36:00

How Kylie shows appreciation for her body 36:06

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