Is it normal to plan a binge?

22 Apr, 2021 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Is it normal to plan a binge?

Binge eating symptoms

Is it normal to plan binge eating episodes?

Is there something wrong with you if you actually plan a binge?

The answer is absolutely not!! Binge eating is often subconsciously and unconsciously planned as a protection mechanism in anticipation of something coming.

For example, you have a big deadline and there is a lot depending on that deadline being met. Your body knows that there is going to be a lot of stress towards the end of the deadline. Your thoughts will start racing about the implications. Your mind will access previous memories of stressful situations and how uncomfortable that was for you.

Your mind then accesses a memory of a time where food really helped you feel good or where food served as comfort during a stressful time. This will lead to an urge to binge, and the urge will drive you to plan the binge.

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