Why She broke up with her scale?

How to Break Up With Your Scale 

What is your relationship with the scale? 

For many years, I let the scale dictate my day, today I have a very special guest, registered holistic nutritionist, Pilates instructor, experienced public presenter, aspiring singer-songwriter (stay tuned), and world traveler.

Ioana is the founder of Kelani, a Polynesian-inspired wellness company and Author of “My Breakup with the Scale”

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How to stop obsessing over the scale

Ioana is the founder of Kelani, a Polynesian inspired wellness company. Descending from a ‘royal’ family in Samoa, her grandfather was the paramount chief of a region of the island. With a deep connection to her ancestors, Ioana’s mission is to spread their spirit, with Kelani as her vessel.

Ioana is a mother of three inspiring girls, ages 17, 14 and 6, three-time published author (currently working on her fourth book), registered holistic nutritionist, Pilates instructor, experienced public presenter, aspiring singer-songwriter (stay tuned) and world traveler.

She is also a passionate proponent of mental health awareness and action, specifically in the area of eating disorders. Having suffered from eating disorders almost her entire life and having recently taken strides in her own healing journey, she is on a mission to bring awareness to this very serious issue, as well as to promote a safe, body positive, inclusive environment not only for her clientele, but for all those she interacts with. Ioana has initiated several fundraisers in this area and was awarded the community health partner award from BANA (The Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association).

She has also been featured on several media outlets including CTV News, CBC National News and Global News.

Ioana’s message is simple: #SpreadAlofa (love in her ancestral Samoan language).

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