Ep 27– Stel Coombe-Heath: Overcome Cravings: Guided Mindfulness Meditation

19 May, 2021 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Ep 27– Stel Coombe-Heath: Overcome Cravings: Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation for food cravings
Overcoming cravings

Ultimately, to avoid emotional eating, we have to become mindful of our thoughts, feelings and emotions and be willing to accept all emotions, even the uncomfortable ones.

Meditation helps us deal with cravings as they arise. It teaches us how to be self-aware and mindful of our cravings. This meditation can help you navigate and overcome cravings. Cravings are made of thoughts and emotions. Learn to accept and deconstruct this experience and those cravings will soon be something we can manage.

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Meditation for disordered eating recovery

Everything changed when I realised recovering from binge eating was an inside job not another diet!!

As someone who has always battled with my weight and hating my body, all I wanted was to be normal around food, I wanted to eat out of choke not urges!!

Stopping binge eating required me to alter my beliefs in my self worth and my body. The emotions that drove me to binge the most was anxiety, fear and loneliness this was my life for many years. I never told anyone because I didn’t think I had a binge eating problem, I thought I had a food problem. “I just have to find the right diet and this will stop” was a recurring thought in my mind.

My biggest lesson from my experience was learning to process my emotions instead of avoiding them. Meditation was a tool I used to become aware of what I was feeling in the first place, without it my mind would never have let me go there. The scary part was that I didn’t even realise I was feeling anxious, fear or loneliness, I have shoved my awareness of these feelings in such a dark corner that I didn’t even recognise them for what they were, all I had was finding comfort in pastries.

Meditation helps with
* Self acceptance and compassion
* Reducing feelings of self loathing and guilt from overeating
* Awareness of emotions or physical discomfort which usually triggers a binge)
* Awareness around cravings and urge

Learn how to eat mindfully with my minful eating meditation bundle

Mindfulness can lead to the reflection in true hunger , once the mind is in a calm space we can easily ask “Am I really hungry, or is there something else I need in this moment”, and “What am I feeling?”

I have tested these strategies and successfully incorporated them into my recovery and now teach these to my clients

I’ll show you everything I know about mindful eating &

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The mindful eating meditation bundle provides you with easy to use tools to help you eat more mindfully.

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⚡ A 6 Step mindful eating ritual
​⚡ Mindful eating guided meditations and journal prompts

The mindful eating meditation bundle guides you tools to help you to pause and reflect on your current relationship with food, cultivate compassion for using food as comfort and guided practices for mindful eating your meals and snacks. These easy to use tools will help you Indulge mindfully without having a full on food zombie blow out.

This bundle is for you if you want to:
*End Emotional Eating
*Stop Binge Eating
*Take control back when it comes to food
*Know when to stop eating
*Break free of the hold food has on you without ever having to diet again

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Can’t wait to see you in the next episode where I will be sharing some drivers behind overeating

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