A Culture of Dieting and How It Can Perpetuate Eating Disorders
Do diets cause eating disorders? With Jenelle Tremblett

In a society where it’s impossible to pass a bus stop without being reminded of the culture of dieting and the cultural significance we place on dieting and body image, there are two connections that nearly everyone regards as gospel.

Gaining weight is bad. Losing weight is good.

Jenelle Tremblett joins me today as we talk about the fad diets, overexercise, and diet culture affecting women in their teens and 20s  

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Fad diets with Jenelle Tremblett

Jenelle Tremblett is a real estate agent based in Toronto, Canada and host of the Ebb and Glow podcast. After spending years in jobs she never felt fulfilled in, Jenelle realized leaning into her innate skills of connecting with others would give her career fulfilment. A lover of freedom and simplicity, everything Jenelle does today is all linked back to her aspiration of reaching early financial independence and living by the ocean.

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