Ep 34– Stel Coombe-Heath: What if you can’t seem to take Not Bingeing seriously?

21 Jul, 2021 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Ep 34– Stel Coombe-Heath: What if you can’t seem to take Not Bingeing seriously?

Eating disorders explained


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What if you can’t seem to take Not Bingeing seriously? I fear it and dread it and try to avoid it (put things in place so you don’t/can’t do it) but when I am bingeing it just seems like a huge joke. I can’t understand the contrast between what I really want (to not binge) and what I am thinking/feeling when I am bingeing (ho, ho, ho, this is fun)????

[Then of course afterward I feel the guilt and shame. My question isn’t about the afterward or the before… but the mismatch between that and the thoughts I have whilst bingeing.] Thanks Estelle! from Ava

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How to stop overeating

Ros was desperate for the perfect diet, she came to see me because she has tried them all and was so anxious about food, she had so many food rules

She lived with the black and white, rule-based thinking that insists “all carbs are bad,” “avoid fats,” “sugar is poison” way of viewing food. “Never eat this!” “Always eat that!”

She obsessed about every morsel of food and she was exhausted from all the running she was doing on top of that to maintain her shape.

We worked together to ditch her diet rules and she finally felt happy in her own skin. She said to me one day that she was so happy to never go on a diet again and thrilled to walk past a bakery without having crazy food thoughts telling her to get a whole box of doughnuts.

Whatever we are trying to release in our lives is just a symptom, an outer effect. Trying to eliminate the symptom without working on dissolving the cause is useless. The Moment we release our will-power or discipline , the symptom crops up again – Louise Hay

Traditionally, willpower has been framed as a superpower that some people possess and others simply don’t. We think if we just have more discipline or eat less of the foods that cause us to binge, then we will finally be able to get control back with food.

The thing that drives our eating behaviour is called an urge This urge sits deep within the unconscious mind. Willpower sit’s on the surface level in the conscious mind here’s we use dieting, exercise and positive affirmations to influence our behaviour with food.

Willpower and binge eating

Like any relationship we need to dig deeper to make that relationship work. It’s what’s below the surface that needs to be healed, You don’t need more willpower In fact, with my Binge Free Blueprint, you don’t need willpower at all!!

Quit binge eating for good

Willpower is not enough!! 

I discovered that through 13 years of agonising cycles through the binge-guilt cycle hoping eventually I would build up enough willpower. And it failed me every time!!  

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