Ep 35– Stel Coombe-Heath: Food Zombie brain vs healthy brain.

28 Jul, 2021 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Ep 35– Stel Coombe-Heath: Food Zombie brain vs healthy brain.

Inside the brain of someone with an eating disorder


I always felt like I was possessed during a binge, having an out-of-body experience while tearing into a box of pastries like a zombie!! If you are new to the podcast and you were wondering why you are struggling to stop overeating make sure to listen to episode 3 here I outline what causes binge eating.

Our food zombie brain often says that we deserve unhappiness and misery because we binge. Is that really true? Find out what we really deserve as someone struggling with disordered food relationships.

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Eating disorder brain vs normal brain

Food zombie brain often says that we deserve unhappiness, that we deserve misery, we deserve pain our bodies, and we deserve to be rejected.

It actually feeds our fear of reject and I keep saying things like:

  • you need to be thin to be accepted
  • you need to be on this strict eating plan to be with the “in crowd”
  • you need to have no cellulite to be loved,

Whatever this brain says to you, it really tries to bring you down because it knows that’s the easiest way that you’re going to soothe yourself with food.

This brain wants you to starve because the reward is the binge, and the binge is extremely rewarding.

Food Zombie brain vs healthy brain

Our frontal cortex is our conscious part of the brain is where we want to have a healthier mindset.  The healthier mindset, knows that we are doing our best, it knows that we need to adopt more of a healthy mindset with food. And the only way to do that is to change our beliefs. 

Abraham Hicks, says a belief is just a thought that is repeated repeatedly.

So when it comes to switching our food zombie brain to a healthy mindset with food, we need to start using words like:

  • I deserve to eat. 
  • I deserve to love. 
  • I deserve acceptance.
  •  I deserve Joy kindness and happiness. 
  • I deserve to have an amazing body and accept my body right as she is right now in this moment because right now, she is perfect, 

So it’s easy for us to be stuck in the food zombie brain, but you don’t have to stay there. The sooner you realize you have a choice.  

You can choose to shift your mind from that old mindset behavior pattern, and be conscious of the thoughts that you have around it, the emotional reactions that you have to your thoughts, and how those emotions and thoughts, drive your behavior. 

That is how we can then start shifting and creating small shifts, and that is an amazing gift. 

So every day you have a choice, which brain would like to feed, Food Zombie brain or healthy brain?

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