Ep 37– Stel Coombe-Heath: Compassion meditation for emotional eating

12 Aug, 2021 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Ep 37– Stel Coombe-Heath: Compassion meditation for emotional eating

Guided Meditation to STOP Emotional/Binge Eating

Being understanding of yourself for overeating will help you take the next step to finding other ways to meet your emotional needs. This meditation is a gentle practice of self-love when you feel out of control with your eating.

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Yoga for eating disorders

guided meditation for emotional eating

My day is filled with meditation, work, teaching yoga, and helping amazing women win the battle against food. but it wasn’t always like this. 1.5 years ago my life was a mess, I would wake up pinching my body fat around my waist and hips swearing never to eat sugar again only to binge later in the day. I was miserable and ashamed about how I looked, especially in the mirror!!!

Today’s diet culture is all about controlling food, counting calories, counting macros, intermittent fasting, crazy cayenne pepper cleanses!!

For binge and emotional eaters this creates food obsession, we cannot stop thinking about food, we think about food more than other things or people!!! We feel like we can achieve so much more if we weren’t thinking about food all the time!!

It’s true you do need a calorie deficit to lose weight but the diet culture has taken things too far, we are lead to believe that restrictive eating is the answer!!

Restrictive eating has been disguised as ‘dieting’, ‘lifestyle changes’, ‘clean eating’, ’21 day cleanses’, ‘1000 calorie diets’,’Paleo’, ‘Intermittent fasting’ you get my drift. As binge eaters, we float between these options year after year thinking, “This time this plan will work, I will finally lose weight and get rid of my binges”

But we all know how the story ends!! Self-sabotage is imminent and face planning into a bag of chips is inevitable. The more we restrict, the more frequently we will have the urge to binge!!

It’s time to end the binge-guilt cycle for good. This restrictive lifestyle is not worth the guilt and shame we add to our already stressful lives and business!!

Our bodies already know what we need and how much we need, we just need to tune in and listen!! I know this concept sounds completely crazy, but trusting your body instead of some “diet expert” that has never met you seem like a much better option!! Bringing some mindfulness into our day can help tune into what our bodies need!!

Studies suggest that mindfulness meditation actually rewires the physical brain. Those parts of the brain that are responsible for anxiety, depression, and poor concentration shrink, whereas those regions associated with cognition, happiness and calmness increase in size.

Here are some benefits of mindfulness for binge eating recovery:
✔Mindful eating
Mindfulness can lead to the reflection in genuine hunger , once the mind is in a calm space we can easily ask “Am I starving, or is there something else I need in this moment”, and “What am I feeling?”

✔Reducing Stress and anxiety
Many binge eaters find comfort in food to cope with stress and anxiety. Mindfulness helps to identify outside stressors that might cause binge eating

✔Making Peace with Food and Your Body
Learning to Love Yourself Through Being Present, accept your body, and make peace with food

✔Recognise your triggers
Being mindful will bring awareness to your binge triggers so that you can nourish yourself without food

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