Emotionally agile with Matthew Norton from People plus purpose
How to deal with emotions to stop emotional eating

April has been a boudoir photographer for a decade and has worked with women of all ages, shapes and sizes. I’ve learned that the size or weight of the client does not equate to the level of confidence or body positivity.

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Emotional agility talks with Matthew Norton

Matthew Norton is the owner of People plus purpose

Matthew Norton has been a business owner and leader since the 1980’s. He’s an expert in human behavior and cognitive science, determining how and why people do what they do. His lifelong passion is providing insights and strategies that set people free to fulfill their purpose, live their best life, and achieve the success they’re seeking.

He is the creator of numerous innovative assessments that provide unique insights into people’s key strengths and signature styles leading to improved self-awareness, interpersonal understanding, communication and collaboration. The strategic applications of these assessments typically result in improved relationship dynamics as well as business breakthroughs achieved through optimizing leaders and their teams.

Matthew is the founder/owner of People Plus Purpose. Matthew and his wife live in San Diego, California. Together they have five children and five grandchildren through a very complicated blended family.

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Emotional Agility QuickScore – https://form.jotform.me/92165002765454

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