Ep 49– Stel Coombe-Heath: Six easy steps to overcome mindless, binge eating!!

3 Nov, 2021 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Ep 49– Stel Coombe-Heath: Six easy steps to overcome mindless, binge eating!!

Easy tips to stop mindless eating

Are the Food Zombies constantly calling you to the pantry and do you want to create new habits before the end of 2021? Hint: If you are not sure who the food zombies are, listen to episode 10 🙂 

Are you

Constantly thinking about food & You feel like you are possessed by a zombie taking over every thought?


Struggling to stop eating at night & You feel you are spiraling down a slippery slope

Maybe you’re anxious that you will blow it at any time &  you feel hopeless about ever finding a way out

In this episode, I give you six easy steps to banish overbearing food thoughts, constant snacking, cravings, and overeating, and make 2021 the year you finally ditch self-sabotage!!

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6 Tips on How to Stop Binge Eating

Why Can’t I Stop Eating? How to Curb Compulsive Eating

I have come up with an easy way to remember them using the acronym Zombie


Obsessive food thoughts are what drive you to binge in the first place, for some people this starts in the morning and that’s all you can think about the rest of the day!! In order to make sure that we change this, we need to start our mornings the right way. Mindfully add the thoughts you want to think, eat an energising breakfast and make sure you don’t go hungry through the day will start quietening down our mind


We have been so busy processing life during the day that we do not have time to process emotions. In the evening our bodies want to decompress!! If you don’t give yourself time to decompress when you get home, you will comfort in that bag of chips quicker than your logical brain can tell you to stop. ⁣


Take the anxiety out of a meal by becoming more neutral around food, let go of perfectionism and turn to gratitude that you have a meal. Managing your general anxiety levels will also help with anxiety around food


Self-sabotage stems from not making yourself a priority, start saying no to commitments that do not serve you. Be clear on your why, if we honor our why, we are more likely to stick to choices that align with our values and goals


Make peace with food by letting go of all the food rules put together by the diet industry, start following your intuition on what serves your body well from a food perspective. Unfollow accounts that promote body shame, we are very often triggered by visuals of those before and after pics


Enjoy your food mindfully, honor your fullness and make sure to indulge every now and again so you don’t feel deprived!!

The food Zombie challenge starts Monday, but you still have one more chance to get onto this amazing 30-day challenge https://www.subscribepage.com/food-zombie-challenge

Food and mood journal

Do you feel you keep self-sabotaging your binge eating recovery?

Do you wonder how you will ever heal from binge eating?

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Introducing my food and mood journal Are you sick and tired of promising yourself to stop binge eating? Do you often feel out of control with food and you don’t know why you overeat? Are your intense cravings leading to self-sabotage?

The Food and Mood Journal is the perfect tool to help you tune into the signals your body is sending you. By tracking what you eat and drink, it will help give you insight into how food affects your moods.

It’s an 8-week kick-start to mindful eating to help you identify the triggers that make you want to eat when you are not physically hungry.

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