Ep 53– Stel Coombe-Heath: Stop binge eating with my food neutrality meditation

1 Dec, 2021 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Ep 53– Stel Coombe-Heath: Stop binge eating with my food neutrality meditation

Stop binge eating with my food neutrality meditation

Meditation for binge eating
Stop binge eating with my food neutrality meditation
Guided Meditation to STOP Emotional/Binge Eating

Food is not good or bad. There is no moral value attached to food. When we label foods with positive or negative terms, we often transfer that label to ourselves. We say things like ‘I have been good today, I had a salad for lunch or ‘I have been bad, I had a doughnut today. But does eating a particular food really make you good or bad?

This meditation will help you find a neutral outlook on food.

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What is Food Neutrality?

Intuitive eating meditation on food neutrality

Food neutrality means all foods have the same energetic pull and moral value. No foods are inherently “good” or “bad” or “healthy” or “unhealthy.” No food is valued over another

With fully embodying Food Neutrality, the temptation, guilt, and shame lose their grip.

Food neutrality affirmations
  • Food is just, food
  • Food nourishes me
  • Food provides me with energy
  • Food is helping my body, helping my tissues and organs.
Food gratitude

Be grateful that you ate today,

Be grateful that you had a choice in what you got to eat today

Find gratitude in the knowledge that this food will energize you so that you can run, play or do yoga.

How to practice food neutrality

Take out the emotion and judgment if you are looking at a banana label it as banana if you are eating a snickers bar, label it as a snickers bar instead of good or bad. When we do that we add shame and guilt and our minds feel like the food is forbidden.

Look at food more neutrally, this will help you feel less likely to binge the next time you have this food. give yourself compassion for the choices you make and clear out any memories of judgement for your food choices.

Clear out your environment from messages and images from the food police. Clear out your social media accounts, email inbox as well as some of the magazines you buy or subscribe to. Avoid conversations that promote food judgment.

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