Ep 55– Stel Coombe-Heath: Binge eating journal prompts for reflection and self-love

15 Dec, 2021 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Ep 55– Stel Coombe-Heath: Binge eating journal prompts for reflection and self-love

Manage Binge Eating Disorder During the Holidays
Binge eating journal prompts for relection and self-love
Binge eating journal prompts

We’re in the last two weeks of 2021 and I wanted to celebrate some of the things I achieved this year. Share some behind-the-scenes wins, and provide you with some journal prompts to do the same.

Grab a pen and paper and feel free to pause through the journal prompts so that you can give yourself this time to reflect and celebrate yourself.

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binge eating journal prompts

Intuitive eating meditation on food neutrality

What Am I most proud of in 2021?

The biggest thing that has happened to me was that I lost my dad almost six months ago. And that was a really painful process to kind of sit with and be with my feelings. In the past I would have brushed things off pretended like nothing happened. This time around. I really just allowed myself to feel into all the feels and there was so many.

I’m binge free for over three years!!

I completely stopped binge eating in Novemeber 2018 so that to me is a really good achievement to just hold in my heart and always celebrate the fact that I am here I am showing up. I do sometimes experience the urge to binge but I made sure that I use the tools that I apply and teach my clients really niourisngh myself while still allowing for balance.

I published my first book and it’s the food and mood journal which is available now on Amazon. You can go and grab a copy it’s an amazing time to get it. It’s an eight week journey of just tracking your food and how it affects your mood and the other way around how your mood affects your food choices. I also provide you with affirmations and journal prompts just to feel a slight sense of upliftment as you go through the journey.

I started a group program, the Rewire your overeating brain mastermind, was born this year, purely out of the fact that I realized that people needed a sisterhood.

Binge eating recovery journal prompts

  • What are you most proud of what you’ve done in 2021?
  • What were your biggest wins for yourself?
  • What was your biggest lesson in 2021?
  • When have I not loved myself in the past? Why was that? How did it make me feel? Why am I choosing something different now?
  • Write down three ways my life would change if I started accepting all aspects of who I am without judgment or shame.
  • How can I use what I’ve learned so far when it comes to finding ways of loving myself in the future?
  • What are three daily habits that support my
  • self-love journey and how do I feel when doing them?
  • What are ten things I love about my body today?

Are you ready to stop binge eating in 2022?

Picture this with me……you’ve just binged again after you promised yourself that you would never do it again. 

You feel confused of how you got here, you’re always watching what you eat but the “fuck it” effect kicks in and you eventually end up secretly sneaking food late at night.

So you decide to try that new “magical diet” your BFF mentioned last week. It’s working for her so why should it not work for you?

But … it’s … just … not … working.

So you try something even stricter thinking you just need more discipline. 

And you ban yourself from buying any binge food ever again

You start to wonder – “Will I ever break free of this binge eating hell”

This story is far too common.

I’ve heard from so many frustrated, disappointed ambitions women who know
they’ve “put in the work,” but still can’t create the Food and Body Freedom they want.

There’s good news, though. There is another way.

Join the Rewire your overeating brain mastermind.

Here’s why you should join:

You will learn to no longer feel the urge to binge
Free your mind of food & body thoughts… you have far more important things to think about
Enjoy ice cream with your family without it turning into a binge later

This mastermind has gotten rave reviews from those who have used it. And that’s because it has an ingenious structure to it.

“For well over 40 years I have attempted many diets and motivational weight loss programs and even gyms. All that ever happened was, I would shed pounds and would feel great for a while and then something would trigger me or I couldn’t manage the restrictive diet and off I went. Before I knew it, I was heavier than when I started.
I would hate myself, and would constantly berate myself. I felt l was a failure, and food was my comfort.

Then I found Stel and what a shining star she is!
She has taught me that I am in control of my body.
She has taught me that having emotions/feelings is okay but to see and deal with them in a positive way.”

Click the link below to enroll!! 


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Food and mood journal

Do you feel you keep self-sabotaging your binge eating recovery?

Do you wonder how you will ever heal from binge eating?

Food and mood journal now on salIntr

Introducing my food and mood journal Are you sick and tired of promising yourself to stop binge eating? Do you often feel out of control with food and you don’t know why you overeat? Are your intense cravings leading to self-sabotage?

The Food and Mood Journal is the perfect tool to help you tune into the signals your body is sending you. By tracking what you eat and drink, it will help give you insight into how food affects your moods.

It’s an 8-week kick-start to mindful eating to help you identify the triggers that make you want to eat when you are not physically hungry.

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