Ep 57– Binge eating new years resolutions

12 Jan, 2022 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Ep 57– Binge eating new years resolutions

Setting Realistic New Years Resolutions in Eating Disorder Recovery
10 Binge Eating Disorder New Year’s Resolutions

Usually, when we go into a reflection on a previous year we think about all the things we have done wrong. All the things we did not achieve in the previous year.

A new year or new month brings a new opportunity for us to start with a clean slate now. I am all for it. But it depends on how you approach it, especially with binge eating.

I wouldn’t recommend that you don’t get sucked into weight-related New Year’s resolutions this year. In this episode, I share 10 resolutions helpful to binge eating recovery.

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Why You Can’t Stop Binging, Why It’s Not Your Fault

10 Binge eating new years resolutions

Are you ready to stop binge eating in 2022?

I’m excited to be back in 2022, Happy New Year. I’m feeling refreshed. I feel like there’s this brand new energy in the air. 

Usually, when we go into reflection we think about all the things we have done wrong. All the things we did not achieve in the previous year. And we almost put shame or blame into whatever we haven’t achieved and we attach that to our self-worth. And once we attach to our self-worth that actually can trigger the binge-guilt cycle 

A new year or new month brings a new opportunity for us to start with a clean slate now. I am all for it. But it depends on how you approach it especially when it comes to binge eating. 

For so many years I would be in that space of hatred and disgust with myself and my body and everything that felt about myself. I would start each year with unhappiness with unrealistic goals with restrictive eating plans. And that would send me back into binge eating a few weeks into the new year 

So what I wanted to for us to work on this year reflect on is being expansive and if you wanted to really look at 2021 in a sense of gratitude, a sense of learning something new. There’s always something that we can learn from any situation. So take the positive out of 2021. 

Maybe 2021 was the year you realized you actually had an issue with binge eating and this is the year where you actually get to make a difference. I wanted to just give you the opportunity to join the rewire your overeating brain mastermind. It’s an eight-week mastermind where we delve deep into understanding your reasons why you behave the way you do with food and how to actually really physically rewire your thinking, your emotions and your behaviors when it comes to food and your body. 

So one of your New Year’s resolutions this year might be just to commit to tuning into this podcast every single week, where I am here to serve you. I have a vision of helping a million women have a better relationship with food and their bodies. So I’d love for you to tune in and listen by also sharing this with your communities. 

New Year’s resolutions can be quite triggering for binge eating, eating disorder recovery. And the reason for this is because all of a sudden we get sucked into the new year new me hype.

So I wouldn’t recommend that you don’t get sucked into the weight-related New Year’s resolutions that we see in the media a moment. Try not to look at it, unfollow the “new year new me” hashtags on Instagram and Facebook and just try not to get yourself caught up in the hype as I know that that is just not going to be helpful for you at all. 

I wanted to give you a little bit of a different perspective on New Year’s resolutions.  Resolutions can imply that we are not perfect. It also kind of lends itself to implying that the previous version of us last year wasn’t good enough. And that is 100% of not sure you are good enough as and you are worthy!!

I have put together 10 New Year’s resolutions that I think will absolutely serve you in 2022!! 

  1. Join a structured plan or progam to stop binge eating 

 I would love for you to consider joining a structured plan or program that will actually help you quit binge eating. If you are in a space where you are just sick and tired of going through the same binge-guilt cycle and enough is enough. Then I would love for you to start thinking about investing in yourself this year,  is probably the best investment you can make in yourself in your life. I urge you to have faith in yourself that you can do this year and join the rewire your overeating brain mastermind. 

2. Movement for Health 

 I would love for you to do and really consider movement for health and not punishment. Movement is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies. It helps stimulate blood flow or your muscles. I suggest finding a movement that suits your soul whether that’s dancing or boxing or you know, just even walking around the block. It might be yoga, it might be Tai Chi, whatever it is, find something that suits and connect with you. 

3. Get professional binge eating help 

Meeting with a professional whether it’s a therapist dietician on a regular basis whether that’s with me, I offer one on one programs if group programs are not your thing. Professional help will laser focus on what you struggling with so that you can move forward, and the right support and accountability to move forward and breakthrough binge eating. 

5. Join a support group 

Joining an eating disorder support group like the food freedom for binge and emotional eaters Facebook group. I am actually in the process of creating a different platform where we can all connect. So I’m excited to bring that to you as soon as that’s available. If you’re already part of a support group, make sure that you participate in it because that’s what’s going to really help you with your accountability, and whatever you’re going through. I bet there are a few other people who are going through the same thing as you. So that’s really important is to get that support. 

5. Commit to making yourself a priority in 2022.

 We are so quick to put everything above ourselves above our recovery.. You are just going to keep falling back into cycles of not feeling good enough feeling shame. And that’s going to trigger more self-sabotage. So maybe time for yourself during the day. Even if it’s five minutes that you can just squeeze Nothing and no one is going to look after you the only person who does that is you at the end of the day. So make sure that you make yourself and your health a priority. 

6. Take on a new hobby that is not related to fitness weight or your body. 

So it cannot be exercise-related, it needs to be something that’s really creative or something that you really enjoy. Look at doing something creative, dancing, singing,art find something that will soothe your soul without it, making you feel bad about your body or your weight.

7. Practice self-care. 

This might be different for every single person I’m not going to tell you how to connect to self-care. When I work with my clients we put together self-care lists. But, self-care can look like journaling, breathwork,  a mindful tea break,  a hike on a weekend, or spending the day on the beach. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. 

8. Focus on progress and not perfection

I want you to really start thinking about all the little steps. Stop looking at the big goal. There is no nothing no such thing as perfection. So I’d love for you to let that go. And perfectionism is one of the biggest triggers for binge eating relapses. All the little things will add up and much larger results. 

9. Learn to be more patient with yourself. 

Yes, recovery is not a linear approach. Just like life, recovery is up and down. Even when you stop binge eating, there are going to be times when you feel frustrated with yourself. Just learn to be more patient. 

10. Learning to love a part of our body that you hate.  Pick just one body part that you hate. Maybe it’s your arms, maybe it’s your belly, maybe it’s your hips, doesn’t matter. And just learn to love it unconditionally. Be grateful for that body part and be at peace with that one part and that already is going to give you so much freedom. 

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