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The #1 authority in helping career woman overcome binge and over eating using my signature Quit binge eating formula.

Hi, I am Estelle, I’m The #1 authority in helping career woman overcome binge and over eating using my signature Quit binge eating formula

My blog is the key to healing your relationship with food, affordable and easy recipes including tips to reaching your most optimal self with the most optimal food and low tox living.

“I believe change happens in small increments”- Estelle Coombe-Heath

Health and fitness play SUCH a big part in living a balanced life. All of this is in reach and does not have to be hard or expensive to achieve!

Estelle provided me with Exercises and accountability systems to reach my goals.I am most grateful for the way she allowed me to be emotional in a safe space, her authenticity was enough for it to feel real and engaged. – Anonymous, Johannesburg, South Africa

I focus on identifying what is causing you to make food choices that leave you feeling guilty and shameful whenever food enters the room. I take a gentle and compassionate approach to dynamically transform your relationship with food from BAD into HEALTHY!

Do you often find yourself staring down an empty bag of cookies wondering “why can’t I control myself around food?”  Let me help you set out a clear map on how to take control back around food in my complimentary 20 minute Food Freedom planning session.

  • Access where you are triggered when it comes to overeating
  • Learn 3 tips or tweaks to manage your cravings or urges
  • Discover one way to beat the binge for good.

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I approached Estelle because I felt I needed some more energy to get through the day. Estelle made me feel that I was on the right track with my goals, especially having more energy. Estelle provided me with  plenty of resources, along with additional ones to help me, depending on where I was at during the coaching. – Anonymous, Melbourne, Australia

I have created a community for women who would like to beat the binge and finally feel in control around food! Here I share exclusive information and tips on how to overcome emotional eating. If you are looking for ongoing support to find food freedom, join my community here.

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Certified Health Coach Through Health Coach Institute

Yin Yoga Teacher Training by Loka Yoga Scool

EFT Practiioner by the Priority Academy

Cognitive behavioural therapy for Eating disorders

Yoga Teacher Training through Move Yoga