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Improving Your Relationship with Foodating


Your Daley Pass
Intuative Eating: how to listen to your body when eating
How to listen to your body intuitive eating

Thrive Global invited me to share a meaningful lesson I have learnt from a child in my life.

Children are natural intuitive eaters and know the benefits of listening to their bodies.

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Stop stress eating
How to stop stress eating in 3 easy steps

You might have noticed during this transition, that your general eating habits might have changed quite a bit. In fact, the fridge keeps calling your name and you are sick of all the lockdown weight gain meme’s as it’s a painful reminder that your pants are getting tighter. 

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Cover Me Active Magazine
How yoga helped me overcome two eating disorders.

I felt hopeless, for years I kept eating healthy and used running to maintain my weigh from all the binge eating, however I was stuck in a vicious cycle of overeating and running it off. I was trapped in the “eat less run more” belief and developed orthorexia, an unhealthy obsession with eating healthy, to get my binge eating under control but it only aggravated my eating disorder. The less I ate, the more I binged, the more I ran.

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Dealing with comfort eating in unpredictable times
How to manage comfort eating during uncertainty

During stressful and uncertain times, many people resort to comfort eating. Which results in guilt and shame. Which can then have a negative impact on their mindset and how they perceive food.

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Clean Beauty Scene Podcast
How To End Emotional And Binge Eating And Heal Your Relationship With Food

In this episode I share  valuable strategies to help us overcome and heal our relationship with food.  listen here


After many conversations with my clients and countless women wanting to control over this new found overeating at home dilemma, I recognised a pattern of stress response to living in uncertain times.

Read my latest insights on how overeating is realated to the Solar plexus Chakra and how we can manage overeating by nourishing this enegry center

Bust your binge eating habits

Beautiful training for Virtually Yours on emotional eating habits and how to breakk free of binge eating

How to stop thinking about food

I was recently asked by Love Light Inspiration magazine how we can stop thinking about food.Here’s the article that I wrote for them, please leave a comment and share with your friends

Rooted in health podcast
How to overcome emnotional eating and body image issues
Relaxed and Raunchy Relationships
How to overcome emotional eating in the new year and how to overcome your partner’s infidelity.

During the changing and challenging time due to the Coronavirus pandemic (and beyond), Ingrid Galloway, the Relationship Coach and Chief Relaxation Officer of KAHYANGAN, a wellness centre in Sydney, Australia, invites Australian & global business owners in various industries, to share their WHY, tips to soar in this unique era (and beyond), and share fun facts about themselves to uplift your energy. It is great to see entrepreneurs have the fun side of them, isn’t it? Business doesn’t always have to be too serious. And she believes that when we aim to be more relaxed and add raunchiness to our relationships, life turns to be a lot better! In this episode they discussed how to overcome emotional eating in the new year and how to overcome your partner”s infidelity.

4 simple ways to avoid binge eating during the silly season.
How to prevent overeating during the festive season

With year-end functions and the festive season around the corner, there is a lot of anxiety around not binge eating on all the festive foods.

How to break bad food habits
Sick of Your Bad Eating Habits? Let’s Talk About Breaking the Cycle

How often do you find yourself in the vicious cycle of binge eating, overexercising, emotional eating, repeat? Urgh, how tiring! Don’t you wish you could find an eating pattern that allows you to eat healthily and for comfort without feeling guilty? The truth is that you do not have a problem with food, you only have bad habits that are formed throughout your life. You heard that right, you can get over binge and emotional eating.

Stel on Girls Gone Healthy – Apple Podcasts
Stel on Girls Gone Healthy – Spotify

Emotional Eating while working from home

Emotional eating while working from home, What is emotional eating, what causes it and how to overcome it!

My binge eating recovery story

Where my eating disordered relationship with food started at the age of 12

How To Soothe/Manage Migraines Naturally
How To Soothe/Manage Migraines Naturally
The Spiritual Spruce

My own journey through emotional eating, what they signs are, and how I help my clients

Spiritual Events Directory
Spirirtal Events Directory

Interview with Karen Chaston, Beyond loss Mentor

Emotional Eating and how it can impact your business and life 

We all know running a business, having career success and all that jazz can lead to poor eating choices, I provide you with all the best techniques to prevent this!! 

The Digital Maddy Show
The Digital Maddy Show
Operation Transform Podcast

How I found comfort in food and how emotion is directly tied to eating and the importance behind why we can’t avoid it! 

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