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Bust your binge eating habits

Beautiful training for Virtually Yours on emotional eating habits and how to breakk free of binge eating

How to stop thinking about food

I was recently asked by Love Light Inspiration magazine how we can stop thinking about food.Here’s the article that I wrote for them, please leave a comment and share with your friends

Saul Searching

Emotional eating while working from home, What is emotional eating, what causes it and how to overcome it!

Ant’s Talk Podcast

Where my eating disordered relationship with food started at the age of 12

How To Soothe/Manage Migraines Naturally
How To Soothe/Manage Migraines Naturally
The Spiritual Spruce

My own journey through emotional eating, what they signs are, and how I help my clients

Spiritual Events Directory
Spirirtal Events Directory

Interview with Karen Chaston, Beyond loss Mentor

Emotional Eating and how it can impact your business and life 

We all know running a business, having career success and all that jazz can lead to poor eating choices, I provide you with all the best techniques to prevent this!! 

The Digital Maddy Show
The Digital Maddy Show
Operation Transform Podcast

How I found comfort in food and how emotion is directly tied to eating and the importance behind why we can’t avoid it!