Yolande Viljoen

Estelle’s Food Freedom Breakthrough Session was more than that, it was a TRANSFORMATION and eye-opener. I’m most grateful for the way she allowed me to be emotional in a safe space.

Thank you Estelle Coombe-Heath!

I was a serious binge eater and couldn’t manage my weight. Estelle helped me by looking at non food solutions to solve my problems and helped me get to be binge free for good! Estelle made me feel supported and empowered to take back control of my life! Estelle provided me with easy tools to manage my binge eating. I am forever grateful that I came across her Instagram page, her program is a life changer!! Anonymous, Sydney, Australia

Holly Jackson

If you’re ready to transform your life for the best version of you, you have to check this out!

Estelle showed me that any problem has a way around it. Anonymous, Derbyshire, England

Estelle provided me with plenty of resources, along with additional ones to help me, depending on where I was at during the coaching. Anonymous, Melbourne, Australia