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The Beyond overeating podcast is hosted by Estelle Coombe-Heath – Binge and overeating recovery specialist.

If you are eager to gain control of overeating via holistic and effective methods – while ditching diet mentality at the same time- this podcast is for you

My purpose is to inform and educate so that you can fast track your recovery in healing your relationship with food and finally trust yourself around the peanut butter jar.

Join me as I share top tips, my struggles and triumphs to help inspire or just entertain.

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Episode 3 – The top 3 reasons why you binge

We often feel so frustrated when we think we have a handle on food but then something happens and we feel like we are back in the self-sabotage loop.

It took me years to figure out what was causing my binge episodes and today I will be sharing this with you so get comfortable and let’s get straight into it

For many years I thought food tempted me into binge eating but in this episode, I explain what really causes a binge, how our brains are wired to keep binge eating and the top reasons why you keep finding yourself back in the pantry 

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Feeling guilty after binge eating
Episode 2 – Why feeling guilty after a binge is not helpful

I spend many years feeling guilty for what I ate and making plans to cut calories out of guilt. This bite-size binge tip is geared to give you small chunks of information to help in your recovery. 

Feeling guilty because you binged just triggers cravings for more binge food!!

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What is defined as overeating
Episode 1 – Welcome & What is defined as overeating

For many years I struggled with what I thought was a food problem, I felt I just could not trust myself around food. I therefore treid to correct my food issues by trying to control food more. I didn’t think that It could be emotional or binge eating.

Find out the signs of binge and emotional eating so that you can see where you are trippig up.

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Ep 0 – Stel Coombe-Heath : What to expect
The purpose of this podcast

Hosting a podcast has been a dream of mine for many years and it’s finally arrived,

Join me as I share top tips, my struggles and triumphs to help inspire of just entertain.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with you if you can’t stop overeating, that’s why I’m here to guide you along the way.

Let’s get started!

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