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I’m gearing up for the launch of my brand-new Control overeating program and things are just heating up here. A […]

Are you an emotional eater, binge eater, impulsive eater? Not sure if you actually need help with healing your relationship […]

I’m preparing for my monthly webinar on How to Manage food urges and cravings and thought it ties in well […]

I spend many years feeling guilty for what I ate and making plans to cut calories out of guilt. This […]

For many years I didn’t think I had a binge eating problem, I thought food was the problem!!I searched for […]

Welcome to beyond overeating by wholesome lifestyle project, the overeating podcast, Where I will be showing up weekly to share […]

I have come up with an easy way to remember them using the acronym Zombie (unicorn Emoji) 1. ZAP FOOD […]

I felt so ashamed when I looked in the mirror!! “I’m a failure because I can’t Stop Eating” I remember […]