Aromatherapy is the most popular and fastest growing branch of complimentary medicine in the world, not only is it diverse in how it can assist our bodies, it is the most natural way to heal our bodies and emotions.

Have you been curious about essential oils but not sure how they work or where to start? I’m here to share these versatile healers with you and will help you every step of the way.

The body is a unique and powerful system that heals itself and essential oils give you more control over your health and healing processes. Essential oils are primarily about maintaining optimal health and well being. There is something very empowering about being able to support our bodies when we are feeling tense, run down or coming down with something. To top it all off we can use essential oils to help us process our emotions and feelings (whether they are good or bad), the psychological effects of aromatherapy are endless and I have experienced emotional support from these gifts from nature first hand.

Most of us have lost the deep connection with nature by spending very limited time outdoors and wearing shoes all day, our bodies feel disconnected from the earth and this makes us feel unbalanced. When we use essential oils, however, there is a re connection with mother nature which brings about a sense of stability and ease.

What are Essential oils?

Nature’s remedies

Essential oils are powerful, sweet-smelling liquids extracted from many varieties of plats and plant materials including roots, leaves stems, flowers and rinds. The use of essential oils can be traced back over 3500 years ago in ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and ancient civilizations in India, America and China. The therapeutic properties of plant extracts was realized way before modern medicine was discovered and has been well trusted since.

How do they work?

Due to their small molecular structures, Essential oils can enter the body through the skin and nostrils. When you apply pure essential oils, your body will direct it to the cells that most need them. When the molecules enter the nostrils they stimulate nerve receptors ( olfactory receptor neurons) an it sets off a chemical reaction which elicits psychological reactions (positive or negative) and the body reacts accordingly. When used as directed, side effects are few and far between.

How to use Essential oils?

Like choosing any other product on the market, make sure that you get the best and purest of essential oils. That is why I chose doTERRA as my preferred brand of essential oils as they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). Each oil is carefully and thoroughly tested and they have set up a global botanical network of growers and distillers making sure the source of the oils is as pure and potent as can be.

doTERRA Essential oils can be used internally, aromatically and topically.


doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) oils are safe for internal use due to the stringent quality testing, however, the same cannot be said about other brands. Certain oils such as, citrus oils, ginger peppermint can be used as flavoring agents in food as well as water. Internal use of essential oils can assist in supporting the digestive system and immune health.

Unless stated on the bottle, do not ingest essential oils

Essential oils are easily absorbed through the skin and the body take in what is needed and can affect every cell in the body within minutes. Adsorption can be increased by applying a light massage to the area of application as well as by the use of carrier oils (such as Fractionated Coconut Oil as well as sesame, olive and grapeseed oils ) . Carrier oils dilute the essential oil so that the essential oils can be distributed along a larger area. the recommended dilution ratio is one drop of essential oil to 3 drops of carrier oil.


The best way to impact your moods and emotions is by diffusing the oils. Either by use of a diffuser, diluting it in water in a spray bottle or one of my favorite ways is to drop the oil in my palms,rub them together and then inhale the oils from my hands, pure bliss!!

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