Overcome Binge eating once and for all using my Quit binge eating formula

Free Resources

Get free resources to help you overcome overeating

1:1 Coaching

The fastest way to quit binge eating and healing your relationship with food without dieting.

Emotional Eating energy Healing

Emotional Energy Healing is a holistic practice that involves activating the body’s energy systems to remove blocks and to restore balance when it comes to your relationship with food

Online Courses

Short DIY Courses to help you manage cravings as well as overcome overeating

Corporate Events

I host a healthy eating seminar aimed at bringing awareness around comfort eating. We can all easily slip into mindless eating especially when stressed. The good news is that it’s possible to be conscious of these moments, apply tools that help us change our mindset around food and make healthy choices.

Making small steps toward mindful eating and making healthier food choices. Learning that a slip doesn’t mean the entire day is now a free for all so I am definitely bingeing less

– Lesley

I’m celebrating my brain kicking in and the need to not having to eat treats in the cupboard because they are there, there is currently salt and vinegar pringles in the cupboard and they are not bugging me I, I can tell you my body is now talking to me telling me ‘m full telling me what it wants to eat telling me when its time to eat

– Mary-Ann
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