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Beat Binge eating with my signature Binge Free Blueprint

The fastest way to quit binge eating and healing your relationship with food without dieting in 4 easy step


Program goals

Overcome overeating

Building self-confidence

Breaking through old beliefs and thought patterns

Making a healthy lifestyle second nature

Feeling energised to move more

STEP 1: Slow Down

Emotional eating is a very quick action that happens on impulse. When we slow down we are able to make better assessment of what’s going on for us in that moment!

Setting up conditions for inevitable success
• Relaxing food rules and finding the right foods for your unique bioindividual needs
• Tuning into body signals to guide the needs of the body and mind.
• Addressing causes of a binge and applying tools to start managing them before they happen.
• Ways to deal with self sabotage

STEP 2: Take a Deep Breath

This phase is all about stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). If we operate from a calm frame of mind, we can make rational decisions which is exactly what we need in order to talk ourselves out of the fridge and pantry.

• Reducing anxiety around food and meal times.
• Brining relaxation to the body and slowing down the mind.
• Techniques to tune into emotional needs.

STEP 3: Observe

Observe your situation, find out what’s really going on!

• Dealing with all types of hunger (physical, emotional, spiritual)
• Being present during urges.
• The power of being instead of doing.
• Applying tools and techniques to prevent future binge triggers
• Changing old beliefs and behaviors , including old wounds around family upbringing 

STEP 4: Process

Take action from a rational, calm space.

• Respond to life instead of the old binge reaction loop
• Discover new ways of life without the binge
• Celebrate success, discover what’s possible now that Binge eating is a thing of the past.

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