Food is not the enemy!

4 Sep, 2019 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | 2 Comments

Food is not the enemy!

Your problem is not with food or your body, have you ever thought something deeper might be the cause of your emotional eating problems?

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Is food really to blame for binge eating?

It really pains me to see other health professionals selling weight loss as a solution to stop in emotional eating. So many clients and costumers of these weight loss solutions end up exactly where they started or even worse,down the binge-guilt spiral.

I know that a lot of my clients come to me wanting to lose weight, but from my experience, obsession with food and weight are the main causes of uncontrollable binges.

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That’s why my job is not for woman to lose weight, my job is to get to the real cause of the weight gain and the binge eating in the first place.

If food was the problem you would have been happy with your body and your weight and you wouldn’t be here reading this blog.

Binge eating is like the engine light on your car, it’s a sign that something is wrong! Have you ever thought that weight gain or binge eating it’s just the signal that something deeper is going on? Using weight loss as a tool to overcome binge eating is like ignoring the engine light when it comes on.

A word of warning, be very careful what you buy into in the health and fitness market. Beware of empty weight loss promises when buying emotional eating products and services, these will only set you back.

One of my clients approached me with a goal to lose weight. 6 weeks into our program she realised weight loss was not a priority anymore!! As she came to that realisation, change started to unfold in her life, she can trust herself around food and her relationship with herself has been drastically improved. She’s happy in her career and in her family and she can now enjoy your piece of cake without becoming a slave to the cravings and the urges to binge. She told me “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I trust myself around food” and that is the reason why I am here!

This is why I have made it my mission to learn what I needed, to become the leading expert in helping women heal their relationship with food,so that they can put emotional eating behind them. Once you beat the binge any thing is possible for your body, mind and soul.

If you are ready to take that giant leap of faith and finally find out what it will take to trust yourself around food, apply for my complimentary food freedom planning session, this is a 20 minute strategy session where we come up with a plan that will help you end emotional or binge eating for good. Apply here and I will be in touch to set up our session.

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