Ep 29– Stel Coombe-Heath: How to Finally overcome binge eating

2 Jun, 2021 | Binge and emotional eating recovery coach | No Comments

Ep 29– Stel Coombe-Heath: How to Finally overcome binge eating

How to stop binge eating

In order to overcome binge eating, we need to break the habit of bingeing.

This is where the work lies and this is where my binge eating and emotional eating recovery journey started. This is where I help my clients in their emotional eating recovery journeys.

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How long does it take to overcome binge eating?

Here’s the thing about the hypothalamus, it can’t control motor movements on its own, it must convince the rest of your brain to do things for it. The food zombie can’t make you pick up food and it can’t make you put food in your mouth, it has to convince the rest of your brain to do those things. Because the food zombie can’t physically make you eat, it becomes very skilled at manipulating you into eating.

We need to take back our thoughts and power from the food zombie and beat the urge.

Once we break the habit of bingeing as a solution to our problems, the urges to binge become less. The less we give into our urges, the stronger the habit of not bingeing becomes.

Next time the urge to binge comes knocking try these 3 steps

Check if you are hungry

The best way to avoid food zombie mode is to stop dieting and never go hungry! I know this can be scary and if diets are out of bound, then what is the answer?

  1. Find foods that keep you energized and make you feel radiant.
  2. Eat mindfully and enjoy every bite.
  3. Don’t go hungry.

Recognise the food zombie

Recognise that the urge is driven by the food zombie, also realise that this part of your brain can’t control motor functions, which means it can’t make you walk to the pantry and binge

Choose control

Choose to ignore the urge!! Let the rational part of your brain say “No”!!! You are in fact in control and it’s time to take your power back. Celebrate your success no matter how small. Even if you were only able to hold off from binge eating for an hour, it’s still progress and deserves to be acknowledged!! When we celebrate a win, our reward centers in the brain draw attention to the win instead of the urge to eat!!

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